The Time After Darkness Fell

Crab Issues

After the completion of their task in the Crane Territory, Noriko has decided they have earned the right to go with her on the trip that leads them to Shiro Hiruma, where the yoriki are bound to recognize a few faces.

Adventure 6 – Crab Issues NPCs

A Trip to the Beach

Upon returning to Shiro no Soshi, the group learned that they would have to await the arrival of the rest of the party members, during their time there they interacted quite a bit with Soshi Reiko and her family. Toshiro gossiped about Jishin and Reiko to some visiting Ikoma, Jishin refused to request a marriage from his lord, and Kuai took a slight interest in Reiko’s sister. They received word that some clan business had held up Naoki adn that he would meet them in the next city, Omoeru Mura. They traveled for 3 weeks by boat to get there.

Adventure 5 – A Trip to the Beach NPCs

Once there Jishin discovered a murder that was committed by the Governor, and was the witness along with Naoki to the request for seppukku, if only it had saved the life of the Asahina he murdered, or the daughter that committed jiigai to sway her father from a reckless path. The dispute between the traders seems to be between the Crane and Scorpion traders in the city, and has proved to be difficult to solve so far.

Going Home

The characters have been rewarded for their efforts by being allowed to return home for a time, they are each to escort a Scorpion Emissary to their lands before they are supposed to return however. It takes some time before they are called upon once again to right the wrongs or Rokugan.

Adventure 4 – Going Home NPCs

Toshiro was sent to Yasigi to redeem himself in the eyes of the unicorn, he impressed them so much that they have arranged for him to marry Utaku Hitomi so that he may compete for a spot in their Master Horse Trainer school.
Jishin got to return to Shiro Kitsuki where he and Kitsuki Naoto prevented a swarm of Dofuku from maturing to wreak havoc on the Dragon Lands. He also discovered that Utaku Mayumi it betrothed to Naoto.
Shosuro Kuai went to Shiro no Shosuro, where he spent time with his little brother who made his debut as an actor. He also prevented the sabotaging of the play by a jealous rival of Shosuro Otōto, named Shosuro Niro, who now resided in Traitor’s Grove.

3 Months have passed and now they are on their return trip to Shiro no Soshi.

Arisu's Wedding

Noriko was happy that the issue in Yogo Shiro was resolved and the unorthodox method used impressed her so much she is giong to let the group represent her, for a time, as a family friends wedding, the wedding of Kitsu Arisu and Utaku Jirou. Upon getting there however the group learns there is trouble afoot, someone seems to not want the wedding to happen and is doing everything in their power to make it so.

Adventure 3 – Arisu’s Wedding NPCs

Thr group discovered that it was none other than Utaku Jirou, the groom, who committed the crimes against Arisu, while attempting to sabotage the wedding. Akodo Jishin was chosen as a champion for a duel to the death with Jirou and Jishin defeated him in one fell slash of the blade, under the guise of the champion of a challenger to the wedding. Yasuki Toshiro was unable to stop himself from telling all about the full situation and earned a chance to redeem himself by working at the Utaku stables in the following months. Shosuro Kuai managed to discover that it was not only jirou that was attempting to sabotage the wedding, and this is one of his secrets now.

The First Assignment

Noriko’s Yoriki have been sent to investigate the disappearances around Yogo Shiro. It will take them quite a while to get to their destination and they are to meet with Eta Shin, Noriko’s trusted servent, in the town of Kosatin Shiro and use his expertise during the investigation.

Adventure 2 – First Assignment NPCs

It was discovered that there was Maho at play. The group solved the problem by submitting the entire Yogo Shiro household to a test of jade, at the acceptance of the Daimyo. It was his own daughter, Yogo Mi, that was the Maho Tsukai and he swiftly beheaded her.

They gained Yogo Yuji as a minor ally for saving his son from his sister.

Topaz Championship
New Generation

With the old ways revitalized the clans also decided it is time for the first annual Topaz Championship! The first new generation of young samurai to be initiated since the fall of the Shadowlands will take part in this monumental day, the clans have each been a bit choosy as to who would compete representing their clans…no one wants to be the clan that has a bad egg representing them. There are also a couple ronin children who’s parents gathered fame during the war. They each hope to gather enough support for their families to be taken under the wing of a Clan family.

Adventure 1 – The Topaz Championship NPCs

The tournament went smoothly except for the abduction of Bayushi Nao, Doji Keiji, Moto Shou, Akodo Hodeaki, Shiba Kumiko, and Yoritomo Koichi, after which the remaining contestants were sent to retrieve them in a final test of their worth as samurai. The missing ones were abducted by men wearing dark grey cloaks and, while the leaders of the mysterious men managed to escape, the missing contestants were reclaimed and brought back mostly unscathed. For they great skill in this endeavor all the contestants were made into Yoriki of one of the five magistrates that were at the contest based on their performances in prior events. Akodo Saburo(Now Jishin), Shosuro Kuai, Yasuki Toshiro and ,after his adoption by Doji Takashi, Doji Naoki were all placed under Soshi Noriko and left note to meet her at the Medinaat-al-Salaam in the morning after the tournament had ended.


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