The Time After Darkness Fell

A Trip to the Beach

Upon returning to Shiro no Soshi, the group learned that they would have to await the arrival of the rest of the party members, during their time there they interacted quite a bit with Soshi Reiko and her family. Toshiro gossiped about Jishin and Reiko to some visiting Ikoma, Jishin refused to request a marriage from his lord, and Kuai took a slight interest in Reiko’s sister. They received word that some clan business had held up Naoki adn that he would meet them in the next city, Omoeru Mura. They traveled for 3 weeks by boat to get there.

Adventure 5 – A Trip to the Beach NPCs

Once there Jishin discovered a murder that was committed by the Governor, and was the witness along with Naoki to the request for seppukku, if only it had saved the life of the Asahina he murdered, or the daughter that committed jiigai to sway her father from a reckless path. The dispute between the traders seems to be between the Crane and Scorpion traders in the city, and has proved to be difficult to solve so far.



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