The Time After Darkness Fell

Arisu's Wedding

Noriko was happy that the issue in Yogo Shiro was resolved and the unorthodox method used impressed her so much she is giong to let the group represent her, for a time, as a family friends wedding, the wedding of Kitsu Arisu and Utaku Jirou. Upon getting there however the group learns there is trouble afoot, someone seems to not want the wedding to happen and is doing everything in their power to make it so.

Adventure 3 – Arisu’s Wedding NPCs

Thr group discovered that it was none other than Utaku Jirou, the groom, who committed the crimes against Arisu, while attempting to sabotage the wedding. Akodo Jishin was chosen as a champion for a duel to the death with Jirou and Jishin defeated him in one fell slash of the blade, under the guise of the champion of a challenger to the wedding. Yasuki Toshiro was unable to stop himself from telling all about the full situation and earned a chance to redeem himself by working at the Utaku stables in the following months. Shosuro Kuai managed to discover that it was not only jirou that was attempting to sabotage the wedding, and this is one of his secrets now.



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