The Time After Darkness Fell

Topaz Championship

New Generation

With the old ways revitalized the clans also decided it is time for the first annual Topaz Championship! The first new generation of young samurai to be initiated since the fall of the Shadowlands will take part in this monumental day, the clans have each been a bit choosy as to who would compete representing their clans…no one wants to be the clan that has a bad egg representing them. There are also a couple ronin children who’s parents gathered fame during the war. They each hope to gather enough support for their families to be taken under the wing of a Clan family.

Adventure 1 – The Topaz Championship NPCs

The tournament went smoothly except for the abduction of Bayushi Nao, Doji Keiji, Moto Shou, Akodo Hodeaki, Shiba Kumiko, and Yoritomo Koichi, after which the remaining contestants were sent to retrieve them in a final test of their worth as samurai. The missing ones were abducted by men wearing dark grey cloaks and, while the leaders of the mysterious men managed to escape, the missing contestants were reclaimed and brought back mostly unscathed. For they great skill in this endeavor all the contestants were made into Yoriki of one of the five magistrates that were at the contest based on their performances in prior events. Akodo Saburo(Now Jishin), Shosuro Kuai, Yasuki Toshiro and ,after his adoption by Doji Takashi, Doji Naoki were all placed under Soshi Noriko and left note to meet her at the Medinaat-al-Salaam in the morning after the tournament had ended.



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