Akodo Hideaki


Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: Brash, Can’t Lie


Interactions with Players:

  • Adventure 1: Topaz Championship
    • he was rescued by the group from a band of cloaked men, he managed to kill one with a stick
    • Akodo Jishin
      • he bostriously greeted his long separated cousin, apparently happy to see him
      • he was there when Jishin drank too much the night before meeting Noriko the first time.
    • Yasuki Toshiro
      • drank together one night
    • Shosuro Kuai
      • drank together one night
  • Adventure 3: Arisu’s Wedding
    • Jishin
      • He and his cousin got to reconnect during this event, he had no idea this was at the prompting of Arisu.
      • he was with Jishin when the posters defaming Arisu were discovered, and he said what Jishin was thinking, and went about tearing down all the posters, he managed this all in a single night
      • he took Jishins advise and approached Arisu’s father about a possible marriage after Jihsin’s duel
    • Toshiro
      • They drank together many nights, though they didn’t talk much, he enjoyed watching Toshiro’s antics
    • Kuai
      • Kuai approached his while he was talking to Arisu’s father and let it slip that it was Hideaki that tore all the posters down, something that impressed the father

Akodo Hideaki

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