Akodo Jishin

Lion Yoriki


Name: Akodo Jishin
Clan: Lion
School: Akodo Bushi
Rank: 1
Insight: 144
Total XP: 41
Current XP: 0

Honor: 7.8
Status: 5.0
Glory: 3.1

Earth: 3
Air: 3
Fire: 2 (Agility 3)
Water: 2 (Perception 3)
Void: 2

Skills: Battle (Mass Combat) 3, Defense 2, Kenjutsu 3, Kyujutsu 1, Lore (History) 1, Sincerity 1, Iaijutsu 3, Athletics 1, Horsemanship 1, Hunting 1, Etiquette 1, Artisan (Gardening) 1, Investigation 2, Lore (Bushido) 1, Courtier 1, Lore (Theology) 1

Advantages: Paragon (Duty), Irreproachable, Great Destiny, Ally (Kitsuki Naoto, 2/2), Ally (Doji Chinatsu, 2/1)

Disadvantages: Idealistic, Gullible, Hostage (Dragon), Sworn Enemy (Asahina Hitomaro)

Favors: Yogo Yuji (Major), Kitsu Arisu (Major), Utaku Family (Minor)

Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Yumi, 20 Arrows (Willow Leaf) Traveling Pack, 2 Koku, 2 Bu
Traveling Pack: Blanket, Chopsticks, Daisho Stand, Parchment and Charcoal (10), Personal Seal, Small Statue (Akodo Kami), Spare Kimono and Sandals, Small Knife
Gained Items: Journal, Chicchai Senshi (Rokugani Pony), Soshi Reiko’s Silver Cup, Fancy Kimono, Book of Scorpion Poetry, New Incense Brazier, Kubi Bukuro, Reiko’s Netsuke, Chinatsu’s Book of Stories, Chinatsu’s Garden Map, Reiko Letter 1, Reiko Leter 2, Reiko Letter 3, Mountain Dweller



Akodo Saburo is the second son of Akodo Takaya and Hiruma Kanae. He was originally named Jiro, meaning second son, but his sister, who is a year older, was such a tomboy growing up that his father began calling her Jiro as a nickname. Saburo was happy to be renamed third-son to honor his sister. As a child Saburo was very reserved and respectful to his elders.


Growing up as a political hostage of the Kitsuki, Saburo learned to be humble. The children among the Kitsuki had all heard stories of how easily the Lion were provoked, and so they would insult him and his family in an attempt to make him angry. The insults to himself, he quietly ignored, but when they insulted his family he became angry and beat a boy with a boken. For that he was punished. He decided the next time he would not meet words with force, but with words in kind. Sure enough the Kitsuki children began to insult him again the next day and again he ignored the insults made to himself, but when they insulted his family he began to hurl insults about them and their families back at them. For this he was also punished. The third day Saburo decided he would ignore both the insults made about him and his family, and while he struggled to contain his anger, he managed and the Kitsuki children left disappointed. Seeing his growth the Kitsuki sensei asked him what had made his reactions change. Saburo replied, “Their words are shameful, but they do not harm me, but only embarrass themselves. If my lord ordered me to kill them for the insults, I’d do so, but my lord is not here so I will ignore them for now.” The Kitsuki sensei was impressed and asked Saburo how he should punish the children who were insulting him. Saburo replied, “They have taught me a lesson, so they should not be punished. If you will let me, sensei, I shall go thank them personally for teaching me.” The sensei was even more impressed with Saburo after this and told his daimyo to raise Saburo with kindness as he would be a worthy ally to the Kitsuki one day.

Though he has missed his family, his clan, and his lord, Saburo has been happy among the Kitsuki. He has been treated with respect and kindness for the most part. The Kitsuki family he has stayed with have even created a game with him. They interrogate him with different methods to see what they can learn about his family, his clan, and himself. They never tell Saburo when the game is being played, but instead proceed to play tricks and lure him into deep conversations to get him to reveal information. For all their efforts, however, they have been brick-walled by Saburo, who only reveals trivial information. His mother enjoys bird-watching, his father prefers a tea brewed by the Ikoma, his little-brother can wiggle his ears. Once Kitsuki Naota was able to pry out that Saburo preferred Kitsuki cooking to his own Akodo’s, so far that has been considered their greatest sleuthing accomplishment.


Great-Great-Grandfather: Akodo Toshimo (deceased)
Great-Grandfather: Akodo Choukichi (deceased)
Grandfather: Akodo Tetsuya (deceased)
Father: Akodo Takaya
Mother: Hiruma Akodo Kanae

Older Brother: Akodo Teruyoshi (aged 20)
Older Sister: Akodo Torako (aged 17)
Little Brother: Akodo Shiro (aged 12)

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Akodo Jishin

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