Kitsu Arisu


Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: Phobia: Insects


Interactions with Players:

  • Adventure 1: Topaz Championship:
    • Akodo Jishin
      • was introduced to him by Akodo Hideaki, his cousin
      • she was instantly impressed by his devotion to his ancestors, and prayed with him twice.
    • Yasuki Toshiro
      • he pressured her into telling him what she was afraid of…she did not enjoy their meeting
    • Shosuro Kuai
      • none
  • Adventure 3: Arisu’s Wedding:
    • Jishin
      • She pulled him aside to warn him that it may be Hideaki attempting to sabotage the wedding, since he confessed that he intended to marry her
      • she loved his gift of rare incense, she had trouble hiding her enthusiasm
      • she prayed for his success in the duel
    • Toshiro
      • she enjoyed his gift of a dog and what was said during it’s presentation
    • Kuai
      • she knew little of him before he presented his gift, but she enjoyed the way he talked down to Jirou

Kitsu Arisu

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