Kitsuki Kiyoshi

Kitsuki Family Daimyo, Naoto's Father

School Kitsuki Investigator
Status 7
Glory 6
Honor 5
Rings Air 4, Fire 4(Int 5), Earth 4(Wp 5), Water 3(Per 5), Void 4
Skills Courtier 4, Etiquette(Courtesy) 3, Investigation(Interrogation) 7, Kenjutsu 5, Meditation 4, Sincerity 3, Lore: Heraldry 5, Lore: Shadowlands 2, Athletics 3, Artisan: Sculpture 3, Calligraphy 5, Craft: Weaponsmith: 2
Advantages Clear Thinker, Inner Gift: Empathy
Disadvantages Bitter Betrothal, Ascetic, Can’t Lie

Born: 2890

Wife: Kitsuki Kakita Masako

Eldest Son: Kitsuki Takumi
Son: Kitsuki Naoto
Daughter: Kitsuki Mesume(Ayumi once Gempukku)

Mother: Kitsuki(Toritaka) Rika
Father: Kitsuki Haruo

A serious man, he rose through the ranks of his school quickly and without much effort…many think he is guided by a mystical force, and most fear his knowing gaze.

Kitsuki Kiyoshi

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