Kitsune Ryoko

Mantis Clan Champion


Status: 8
Glory: 8


Born: 2895

Husband: Kitsune(Iuchi) Ko
Daughter: Kitsune Momo
Son: Kitsune Kyo
Son: Kitsune Ken-Ichi

Mother: Kitsune(Otomo) Kaoru
Father: Kitsune Teruo

Brother: Kitsune Shuji
Sister: Kitsune Chinatsu
Sister: Kitsune Hisako

The oldest child of the old Clan Champion and a prominent Otomo she proved a capable leader during the last battles of the war, and impressed her father more when she also transitioned easily into a time of peace. Her brother was never even considered for the position as he was not as good a choice as Ryoko, and there has been a bit of resentment ever since.

Kitsune Ryoko

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