Shosuro Kuai


Name: Shosuro Kuai
Clan: Scorpion
School: Shosuro Infiltrator
Rank: 1
Insight: 135
Experience: 7

Honor: 1.8
Status: 3.0
Glory: 2.2
Infamy: 0.0
Koku: 1 Bu: 3

Earth: 2 (Stamina 2, Willpower 2)
Air: 3 (Reflexes 3, Awareness 3)
Fire: 2 (Agility 3, Intelligence 2)
Water: 2 (Perception 3, Strength 2)
Void: 2

Skills: Acting 2, Athletics 3, Courtier 2 (Manipulation), Defense 1, Etiquette 1, Iaijutsu 1, Investigation 1, Kenjustu 3, Ninjutsu 3, Sincerity 3, Sleight of Hand 2, Stealth 3 (Sneaking)

Advantages: Silent, Bland, Quick

Disadvantages: Insensitive, Driven, Dependent(3)

Travel Pack: Grappling Hook, Rope, Mask, Lantern, Shovel, Small Knife, Flint & Tinder, Parchment and Charcoal (10), Silver Tipped Chopsticks, Small Tent, Horse, Normal Quality Kimono (Scorpion Theme), Fine Silver Scorpion Cup, Emerald Kimono ( Black and red sleeves, Mon of the Uriki, Noriko Mon, Clan Mon)


Shosuro Knowledge

Shosuro Kuai, eldest son of Shosuro Chikamatsu and namesake of his grandfather, was named to honor the death of his grandfather during the Shadowlands War. His grandfather received no formal award due to his Shohuro methods. Thus, it has been on Kuai’s shoulders since birth to live up to the legacy of his name while never speaking of it. He has one younger brother, Shohuro Otōto. During his birth, their mother lost her life.

Early on, the Shosuro attributes of stealth and quickness were second nature to Kuai. However, this did not lighten his training. He was pushed to limits daily and punished for failures even when the results exceeded those of his peers. Because of this, Kuai began to dream of a different life. He would often take what little leisure time he had and spend it stealth fully watching the Bushi of his clan train. Little did he know, he was also being watched.

It was planned early on that Kuai’s public face would be one of an actor and his training reflected this. Though, after learning of his interests, Bushi were brought in to train him in the arts of “honorable” combat. At first, this pleased him greatly and he reveled in the idea that he could be known for his talents. These notions were crushed when he was told of the trainings true purpose. He would never be known for his actions. As had his grandfather and all other Shinobi, he was to serve only as a silent weapon. He would be Bushi in the eyes of others. However, he would not be easily remembered and his face would meld with the crowd as if he were unimportant.

Kuai took this news better than some Shinobi. He turned his anguish inward and let it fuel his training and every move. If he was not to be remembered, he would be the sole keeper of his triumphs. Driven by this, he has often been punished by his family for trying to sneak into places he should not be. The punishments became a constant reminder of the fate that would befall him if he was ever caught by someone outside his family. Deep down Kuai knows that seeking such lofty acknowledgments, even if they were only for him, would lead to his downfall if he could not focus his drive elsewhere. However, the drive of self worth sometimes proves too strong.

Last year, Kuai’s father was sent on a mission of great importance. Kuai knew nothing of its purpose. Neither did he know of its success or failure as his father never returned. This left only him and his younger brother to their immediate family and him the guardian of his now 10 year old brother’s fate. They both were Shosuro through and through. However, Otōto loved his acting training and never tempted the wrath of his masters. Stripped of most of his enjoyments and thrust into adulthood, Kuai has hardened his heart. Nothing will stand in his way of becoming the greatest of all the Shosuro and forging a life for him and his brother.

Public Knowledge

Shosuro Kuai is a Bushi… sort of. What is that? Who knew the Shosuro even had fighters? You thought they were all actors and courtiers? His technique is a bit odd and his jovial manor suggests he doesn’t take Bushido as serious as he should. Overall he is not that impressive. His only saving factor is his speed. If his technique were refined, he would be a great duelist. However, with his current skill, he would be lucky to be called average. He isn’t even that handsome if you ask me. Overall, he is pretty forgettable. I wouldn’t put my money on him this year.

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Shosuro Kuai

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