Shosuro Rikoto



Runs the House of Dancing Dragons in Senzo no Kitsu.

Disadvantages Bad Reputation: Brothel Owner

PC Interactions

  • Adventure 3: Arisu’s Wedding
    • Akodo Jishin
      • None
    • Shosuro Kuai
      • Kuai found his way into Rikoto’s Geisha House while wandering around the city, there he dank a cup of tea and got information about someone he was looking out for.
      • It was Kuai’s task to find and look after Jirou when it was found out that someone was trying to sabotage the wedding, he found him at the geisha house and with Rikoto’s help Jirou agreed to be baby sat.
      • Kuai woke up after a night of drinking with Jirou in Rikoto’s room with his outer kimono nicely hung up by the bed.
      • They shared words after Jishin’s duel and it was suggested that Rikoto had something to do with Jirou’s less than stellar performance.
      • Rikoto provided Kuai with information that led to the discovery of the print shop that printed the slanderous posters of Arisu and to the one that ordered them.
      • Kuai flirted outwardly with Rikoto and has started many rumors.
    • Yasuki Toshiro
      • They had a brief encounter when Toshiro went looking for Jirou, and Rikoto offered him information about a book store in town that sold a rare book of Unicorn stories that would make a fine gift, for the right woman.

Shosuro Rikoto

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