Soshi Reiko

Niece of Soshi Noriko


Known Advantages: Benten’s Blessing
Known Disadvantages: Small


Father: Soshi Jakuchu
Mother: Soshi Tamafune

Brother: Soshi Kiyoshi
Sister: Soshi Katsue

Aunt: Soshi Noriko

Reiko’s Family

Interaction with the Players

  • Adventure 3: Arisu’s Wedding:
    • Akodo Jishin
      • They first met in a kimono shop and she asked him opinion about fashion, and helped him pick out a fabric to make a new kimono out of
      • She Gifted him with a very valuable and personal cup that was made of silver with delicate gold inlays as well as a jade inlay of a temple…he found out that it’s use was to secretly test people for taint without offending them and that it was likely folded with jade powder.
      • After many encounters with him they decided to exchange letters Letters Page
    • Yasuki Toshiro
      • He saw her in the store looking for art supplies, he attempted to find out what the perfect gift for her was at the request of Jishin, but he instead let her know that Mayumi likes practical gifts and that he actively looks for gifts for her. He soon retreated when he realized Reiko was not as easy to read as the others he has encountered
    • Shosuro Kuai
      • She gifted the fellow scorpion with a cup similar to the one she gave Jishin, only without the jade or gold inlays, or the implied personal value.
  • Adventure 5
    • She escorted the group on a tour around Shiro no Soshi along with her sister and yojimbo. They all drank later that night as well, Reiko was escorted back to her chambers by her yojimbo after drinking a little too much at the event.
    • Jishin
      • She and Jishin went on a walk where she showed him a monk she had been admiring lately for his obvious skill in martial arts. It was there that Jishin prompted her about marriage, and when she showed interest he refused to request anything from his lord. He did however go to Toshiro with a request for ideas on how to make it work.
      • She gifted him a Netsuki the size of a half dollar, it is of a woman’s hands holding out a lotus flower (the hands are red, the flower is white, and the rest is black) it is made of lacquered wood inlays.
      • She left him with the request that if he wished to continue communicating with her that next time they meet he is to wear the netsuki.
    • Toshiro
      • She has been teaching Toshiro how to paint, since she is skilled in that area. She also gave him a book to study from when he was not around her.
      • He came to Reiko with a suggestion from Jishin that she be placed on a list of suitable wives as suggestions to his lord. She did not like this idea and refused to be placed on a list, saying it was better to let the fates decide.
  • Adventure 6
    • Jishin
      • She and Jishin spent a lot of time together during his time at rest in Shiro no Soshi before he got sent away on his next assignment, she was also told by him that her aunt, Soshi Noriko, had sent a marriage request to his father and that he expected him to respond soon.
      • She watched Jishin lose in a practice duel with Kakita Nakazo, her former suitor.
      • She happened to be in the Carp’s Resting Place tea house when Jishin accompanied by Toshiro, Saya, and Hitomi came in for a night of drinking, and they sat at a table with her and her siblings along with the visiting Crane.
      • They journeyed to Reiko’s favorite location to make offerings to Jishin’s ancestors, and Jishin decided it would be good to also offer prayers to Reiko’s ancestors, something that impressed her greatly.

Soshi Reiko

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