Utaku Hitomi


Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: Compulsion: Drinking


Betrothed: Yasuki Toshiro

Interactions with players:

  • Adventure 3: Arisu’s Wedding
    • discovered to be the elder sister of Utaku Mayumi
    • Akodo Jishin
      • they drank together, and she found him much more fun once he was drunk
      • he helped her choose out a kimono of gold and blue
      • he was on a hunt with her and the other Utaku, she mostly talked to Mayumi
    • Yasuki Toshiro
      • she took an instant liking to Toshiro thinking his mannerisms to be amusing.
      • they drank together many nights and he out drank her one of those nights
      • she was often the one that would communicate to him during his visits to the stables
      • she spoke on Toshiro’s behalf to avoid him being punished for his loose lips, helping Soshi Noriko convince Utaku Yumi to allow him a chance to redeem himself instead of demanding his seppukku.
    • Shosuro Kuai
      • she out drank him one night, and didn’t see him after that.
  • Adventure 4: Going Home
    • Toshiro
      • She saw him on her way with Mayumi to Shiro Kitsuki to meet with Mayumi’s betrothed.
      • Toshiro learns he is to marry Hitomi.
    • Jishin
      • He was at Shiro Kitsuki when he and Mayumi arrived, they had a pleasant night socializing and drinking.
  • Adventure 6: Crab Troubles
    • Toshiro
      • She came with her mother to discuss the terms of the marriage with Toshiro and his sister Yasuki Saya, who was given permission to represent the family in this matter.
      • After it was settled that Toshiro’s family would get 2 Unicorn Bred Horses for the marriage (one as a token for taking their heir, the other at Hitomi’s dowry) they went on a tour followed by drinking.
      • She remembers how intent Toshiro was to squeeze information about her sister out of her while she was drunk that night.
    • Jishin
      • He was invited to come drinking with them, but they interacted very little.

Utaku Hitomi

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