Yasuki Saya

Toshiro's Elder Sister

School Yoritomo Courtier
Honor 2.5
Status 2
Glory 4
Rings Air: 3(Awa 5), Fire: 3, Earth: 3, Water: 3(Per 4), Void: 2
Skills Commerce (Appraisal)[Int] 5, Courtier[Awa] 3, Defense[Ref] 1, Etiquette[Awa] 3, Intimidation (Control)[Awa] 3, Sincerity[Awa] 2, Lore: Underworld[Int] 4, Juijutsu[Agi] 3, Calligraphy(Cipher)[Int] 2, Investigation[Per] 2
Advantages Crab Hands, Absolute Direction, Clear Thinker, Sage
Disadvantages Brash 3, Failure of Bushido[Mental] 3 : Compassion, Greedy [Mental] 3

Interactions with the players

  • Adventure 4: Going Home
    • It is discovered that she is Toshiro’s elder sister.
    • Toshiro
      • she visited him while he was in the unicorn lands redeeming himself for previous mishaps.
      • They talked about how unhappy his father was to hear of his intentions to marry into the Utaku family.
  • Advetnure 5: A Trip to the Beach
    • Toshiro
      • They had a merry time throughout the trip drinking and talking with the crew.
      • Toshiro gave her a cricket smoking pipe that she now uses exclusively.
    • Kuai
      • His obvious dislike of her amused Saya to no end, and she forced him into an interaction with her and Toshiro, and he told a story about his childhood to her.
  • Adventure 6: Crab Troubles
    • Toshiro
      • She acted on behalf of their family in the marriage talks. Getting 2 Unicorn Bred Horses for Toshiro, and making an unpleasant experience for Yumi even more so, although Yumi appeared to appreciate the candid way Saya talked.
    • Jishin
      • He went with them to drink but Saya was to busy talking with the Togashi about a variety of things to talk to him much.

Yasuki Saya

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