Yasuki Toshiro


Air 3 (awareness 4)
Earth 2
Fire 2
Water 2 (perception 3)
Void 2

Commerce (appraisal)
Animal Handling

Sincerity (deceit)
Games (sandane)

Lore: Shadowlands

Honor 2.9

Glory 2.4

Status 4

Luck: 9(cost 6 due to only works with his lucky cricket)
Blessed by the Realms-Chikshudo: no charge
Minor Ally-Yogo Yuji: role playing

Low Pain Threshold: 4
Rumormonger: 5
True Love-Utaku Mayumi: role playing (given 4 xp)
Sworn Enemy-Kakita Katashi: role playing

2 Koku 5 Bu 6 Zeni
Calligraphy set
Traditional clothing
Traveling pack (coin purse, fan, spare kimono/sandals, small tent, jewelry, small statue, lucky cricket, cricket, dog -given to Megumi)
Wide-brimmed straw hat

Total: 17
Current: 0
Spent: 1 Investigation, 2 Investigation, 12 Reflexes, 1 Hunting, 1 Horsemanship
Insight: 139


“My name is Yasuki Toshiro. Perhaps my reputation preceeds me? No? Well, I’m not surprised, I haven’t been away from the Yasuki courtier school for long enough that stories would have been told of me, but in time, they will-even if I’m the only one telling them.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m a damn good courtier and merchant for the Crab. So good that I got another samurai to buy from me the kimono he was already wearing. Yep, I’m that good. Honest. And this isn’t to brag, but to get you to spread the word of me because the Crab will need equipment and favors, and maybe even some of that mysterious technology, the next time the Shadowlands rise. So you see, I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for the Crab since they protect us all. And don’t forget I’m doing it for you too so it’s best if you help me so I can in turn help you.

Following me so far? Good. I love to talk. I really do. And outside of making deals, for the Crab, and you of course, I love doing two things with my natural abilities.

The first is telling stories. After all, where would we be without them? If not for those stories, the ways to fight the Shadowlands would have been lost forever. And I especially love telling stories in court, rather I made them up or not, to see how they change when someone tells it back to me. And you know what the best part is friend? Since I’m telling just telling stories I’ve heard, I can’t help it if someone shares the same name as you. It’s just a story, honestly, I would never lie.

A good game of sandane is fun, but not for the easily offended. I’ve noticed those with a katana are the easiest to piss off. They have no sense of humor. Poor guys, they are missing out.

You see, bushi, and some shugenja as well, would rather go hit stuff. Too bad the only things worth hitting hit back and it hurts when they hit back. I mean, it really hurts. And it will bruise, and be sore, and make it harder on me to help my…Crab, and you of course. I could never be a bushi myself. It’s way too tough on this exquisite body of mine.

Oh, another thing I’m good at, and again, I’m not trying to brag, but the animals, they love me. They really do. When you get people and animals to love you like I can, you know your special.

I first noticed this gift when this crazy old peasant lady always kept collecting more dogs. One day, she died, as peasants do, and no one knew what to do with all those damn dogs. Most people just wanted to eat them. But I came to the rescue of some of the dogs and trained them to be guard dogs to help with the bandits.

I’ve also heard of training of training crickets to fight, but they are a lot harder to train than other animals. I would really love if I could marry a Unicorn and train some of their horses. Oohh, but I am rambling now. I just want to let you know in in the market if you have any ideas on what animals to train and what to train them. I’ll give you a cut, honestly. Sure you don’t have any ideas?

Now you must meet my most prized possession since we are such good friends now. His name is Ifuku (it means awe which is what Jiminey means). He is my lucky cricket and we are best friends. I keep him in this hallowed out bamboo shoot I always keep on me. He is my favorite little buddy and I take the best care of him. I just know that if something happens to him, bad things are just waiting to happen to me. I just know it. Soo, I keep him happy. Got it? Good.

Oh look, I’m rambling. So what was that question you asked me? Ah, yes, my name. It’s Yasuki Toshiro. Not only must you remember my name, but spread it though out Rokugan. Now go away peasant, your smell is getting to me and I don’t want it to stick to me. And those samurai are looking at me funny for talking to you. Now shew, get on, or I’ll test out a new command of one of my lovely pets on you. Skat! On with you I say…Me and my little yojimbo have a deal to make with some samurai over there."

-The above is what a messenger claims was the response Yasuki Toshiro gave after asking for his name to deliver a message.

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Yasuki Toshiro

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