Tag: Dragon


  • Naoto's Family

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/images/873097/Kitsuki_Daisuke_2.jpg! h4. [[:kitsuki-kiyoshi]] !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/images/873058/Daidoji_Megumi.jpg! h4. [[:kitsuki-masako]] !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/images/873052/ …

  • Togashi Shoji

    He married into the Togashi line after being renowned by the old clan champion for his prowess with a blade. While his wife was the clan champion for 5 years he took over once she decided to dedicate herself to enlightenment.

  • Kitsuki Naoto

    Born: 2916 Mother: [[:kitsuki-masako|Kitsuki -Kakita- Masako]] Father: [[:kitsuki-kiyoshi]] Older Brother: [[:kitsuki-takumi]] Younger sister: [[:kitsuki-ayumi|Kitsuki Mesume]](Ayumi once Gempukku)

  • Kitsuki Kiyoshi

    Born: 2890 Wife: [[:kitsuki-masako|Kitsuki -Kakita- Masako]] Eldest Son: [[:kitsuki-takumi]] Son: [[:kitsuki-naoto]] Daughter: [[:kitsuki-ayumi|Kitsuki Mesume]](Ayumi once Gempukku) Mother: Kitsuki(Toritaka) Rika Father: Kitsuki Haruo A …

  • Kitsuki Takumi

    Mother: [[:kitsuki-masako|Kitsuki -Kakita- Masako]] Father: [[:kitsuki-kiyoshi]] Youngest Brother: [[:kitsuki-naoto]] Youngest sister: [[:kitsuki-ayumi|Kitsuki Mesume]](Ayumi once Gempukku)