Yasuki Toshiro's Letters

Utaku Mayumi

I hope you don’t mind I calling you by just that name, but it is your love and future husband Yasuki Toshiro. I wanted to let you know that I have sent a request to your lord for us to get married. Isn’t that great news?!!! We had the best match of the Topaz Championship and we were equals on it. And there was the chit chat I know you enjoyed and the stories I shared with you and everyone there. And for you to be one of the famed battle maidens of the Utaku while I am a gifted animal trainer. I know you have feelings for me too because you said how you would keep an eye out for me and my animal training skills and you are far too sweet and honorable woman then to lie to me about it. You just didn’t want others to know and request you first so I beat them to it. It was Akodo Jishin that kept insisting me to request marriage every time I asked him for advice, so it is him we have to thank. I owe him a favor for such great advice. I can’t wait for us to be married!!!

Your hair flows like streams,
Your eyes sparkle like the stars,
Your smile warms me.

Utaku Daimyo,

My name is Yasuki Toshiro, soon to be famous storyteller and animal trainer as well as Emerald Magistrate investigator. My stories are far too long to include in a letter, but I hope to share some with you in person. I have trained family pets such as dogs and even a cricket and hope to one day train the Unicorn’s famous horses. In my very first investigation, I was able to discover that Yogo Miho, one of Yago Daisukae’s very own twin daughters, was a kidnapper and maho practicer. She even did maho on children!!! I hope my goals and accomplishments are enough to be worthy of Utaku Mayumi as I request her to be my wife.

To family,

I have wonderful news: I am in love. Her name is Utaku Mayumi. I have already sent a request to her lord and ours requesting a marriage as my new brother Akodo Jishin suggested. It was destiny how we met. We both went to the Topaz Championship, and in our first match, we were to compete. And in our match, there were many times when one of us was about to win, but instead, we both passed out at the same time from exhaustion. It was the greatest match of the whole Championships. The crowd loved it. I told her of my love of animals and how easy it is for me to train them, and she said she would keep an eye out for me. After she told me that, I knew she liked me. I kept saying things that upset her, but maybe she was just flirting with me and I didn’t understand. And I got her some hair pins as a gift and she liked them. She complained how many other suitors continue to get her flowers and stuff that aren’t practical. I mean, she’s a battle maiden, what does she need flowers for? I have gone to a sake house many times with them and am one of the last to And now, they have me in the city Yashigi where they train their famous horses, and I may get a chance to train some too!!! I am so happy. I now have three new brothers now and a wife here soon I hope. I have only one favor to ask though. She has a wonderful older sister, Hitomi, but she is unmarried. So if you can find someone to marry her so I won’t get stuck with her because my heart belongs to Mayumi.

PS- I hope to have a painting down with my new brothers here soon and will send it to you as soon as I can.

To Hitomi,

I cannot lie in that I would rather marry your sister. After all, you were there when I pronounced my love for her and my request for marriage. But I am sure I am not your first choice in a husband. I just hope it isn’t Utaku Hikaru. He is an ass. And Mayumi wants to marry Naoki from the way she blushes at him. So I guess we are all a little disappointed there.

But I am sooo glad that you will not be upset with me over my feelings with your sister. I have heard of many stories about that sort of thing, and it never turned out well. Someone usually died. Very bad. I would not want any of us to die over this. I want to tell stories, not be a victim in one.

And how could I ever be bitter? You spoke on my behalf to your mother. You are a great drinking partner. You like it when I make you laugh. And you are a Utaku, so I can train your famous horses. What is there not to love? And yes, there will be love in our marriage, but I will speak with you about that in person. My mother was not always happy in her marriage, but I am a romantic thanks to her and intend to make sure my wife is always happy and feels loved.

PS- We also need to discuss some of the wedding arrangements when we see each other again.

PPSS?_ I surprised the old men in more ways then one. I’ll have to tell you that one in person too. See, we have so much to talk about already.

Yasuki Toshiro's Letters

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