The Time After Darkness Fell

Going Home

The characters have been rewarded for their efforts by being allowed to return home for a time, they are each to escort a Scorpion Emissary to their lands before they are supposed to return however. It takes some time before they are called upon once again to right the wrongs or Rokugan.

Adventure 4 – Going Home NPCs

Toshiro was sent to Yasigi to redeem himself in the eyes of the unicorn, he impressed them so much that they have arranged for him to marry Utaku Hitomi so that he may compete for a spot in their Master Horse Trainer school.
Jishin got to return to Shiro Kitsuki where he and Kitsuki Naoto prevented a swarm of Dofuku from maturing to wreak havoc on the Dragon Lands. He also discovered that Utaku Mayumi it betrothed to Naoto.
Shosuro Kuai went to Shiro no Shosuro, where he spent time with his little brother who made his debut as an actor. He also prevented the sabotaging of the play by a jealous rival of Shosuro Otōto, named Shosuro Niro, who now resided in Traitor’s Grove.

3 Months have passed and now they are on their return trip to Shiro no Soshi.



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