Utaku Mayumi


Known Advantages:
Known Disadvantages: True Love(Doji Naoki)


Interactions with players

  • Adventure 1: Topaz Championship:
    • Akodo Jishin
      • She was in the group with the other pcs when they had to rescue the missing contestants, she was impressed by his skill in hunting, and invited him to one day go on a hunt with her
    • Yasuki Toshiro
      • She had a wrestling match with him and they ended in a tie, both exhausted. Toshiro then proceeded to try to sell her himself as a good animal handler, and she said she would telk to her family about him.
    • Shosuro Kuai
      • none
  • Adventure 3: Arisu’s Wedding:
    • It was learned that Jirou, the groom, was the cousin of Mayumi, also that she had a sister named Utaku Hitomi
    • Jishin
      • before getting to Senzo no Kitsu they traveled together
      • They drank together on a few occasions and Jishin out drank her one of those nights
      • he helped Mayumi pick out a Kimono of Purple with Silver details
      • He went on a hunt with her and the rest of her family and refused to bow to Jirou in disdain.
    • Toshiro
      • He gave her hairpins while they were traveling to the wedding, and also announced his intentions to marry her. She accepted the hair pins but was seen looking toward Noaki during the proposal.
      • they drank together on many occasions and Toshiro even out drank her on a couple nights
      • he came many times to visit the stables but it was usually Hitomi that was doing the talking.
    • Kuai
      • They drank together a couple nights

Utaku Mayumi

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