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The year is 2932 and Rokugan has suffered through many things in its time; the age of technology came and for centuries the creatures of the Shadowlands waited for people to forget about them, retreating into the darkest corners and biding their time. Once Fu Leng decided their presence would be a surprise out of the shadows they came, quickly over taking the dilapidated Kuni Wall, which the Crab could no longer maintain because of growing resentment, and resource withdraw, from the other clans. The Shadowlands conquered every inch of Rokugan, all but the islands of the Mantis clan. With the Shadowlands leaking out the most powerful of each clan’s members retreated to these islands, unable to fight against something that was immune to their destructive forms of technology. When the creatures came they swept away all the technology the Rokuganies coveted, leaving the clans completely vulnerable to attack. The Crab knew what to do however and they withdrew to gather strength and train others in the ancient arts of defeating Tainted creatures. On the island the Mantis began working out their own schemes and worked in some very advantageous marriages.

For 300 years the Shadowlands reigned over Rokugan, in constant war with it’s people, until finally they were obliterated. So much so that the Crab clan, being the best fighting force Rokugan had, regained the lost Hiruma lands and gained a good deal of territory. After the fall of the Shadowlands the taint was stripped from the land leaving many areas barren. With the other borders in massive disarray the Clans decided to take on their ancestral borders, leaving many minor clans crippled, and they were forced to revert to the ways of their ancestors. Only a few remnants of the age of technology survived, but none remember how to use them, or what they were for.

Where are the Clans now?:

MANTIS: Finally able to cash in on the marriages created during the war the Yoritomo now rule by the grace of the gods. The Mantis were the least scathed by the time of darkness.

CRAB: With them at the front-lines and the other clans completely dependent on their knowledge the crab steadily gained power until they were considered the second most powerful clan in Rokugan. Their territories grew and they retook the Hiruma home-lands.

LION: With war lasting so long their military might allowed them to quickly learn how to fight the Shadowlands and they worked closely with the Crab. They and the Crab are the largest clans.

SCORPION: Their ability to gather information made them guite powerful during the Age of Technology and their knowledge of the shadow helped them keep that power once the war began. After the war they stayed in the same place they always were, suspiciously looked at until something was needed.

UNICORN: When the Shadowlands took over many unicorn retreated into the Yobanjin Territories, but those that stayed gained fame fighting against the Shadowlands. They never gave up the horse breeding and were happy to go back to the time where they were just as dependent on the horses as they were on them.

PHOENIX: Being the most adapted to technology they were left at a loss then Fu Leng stripped them of their sciences. Ignoring the kami for so long made it difficult for them to regain their skills as shugenjas and they were looked down upon for their lack of aid in the war. Once they relearned how to hear the kami’s whispers this changed and they helped turn the tide of many battles. They are now in a comfortable spot renowned for their shugenja skills.

CRANE: Easily seduced by the luxury of technology they were almost completely whipped out during the war, and after the war they were very resistant to going back to the ways of old. Eventually they began to see the beauty in the way they their ancestors lived and after that they eased into their role as diplomats.

DRAGON: They most easily slipped back into the ancient ways since they had never abandoned them like other clans. Most of the other clans thought stories of men breathing fire were only myth until they saw it on a battlefield.

Home Page

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