Possible Art


Frightening One-Eyed Crab
Tainted Crab Berserker
Standard Hida
Frenzied Crab Berserker
Amused Old Crab
Scarred Crab Veteran
Beautiful Hida Woman
Mismatched Crab Warrior
Irritated Crab Commander
Frightening Kaiu Smith, possibly Tainted?
Another One-Eyed Crab Brute
Attractive Bloody Girl
Large Crab Woman Part 1
Large Crab Woman Part 2
Just Another Day at the Office
Stoic Hida Bushi
The Mountain Does Not Move
More Skilled than Strong Bushi
Quirky Hida Archivist
Grizzled Old Sensei
Serious Crab Woman
Stoic Watchman
A Crab Guided by his Ancestors
Enraged Crab Woman
Young Crab Warrior
Older Crab Runner
Crab Field Medic
Resourceful Scout Woman
Crab Warrior Woman
Crab Family Man
Kaiu Engineer 1
Kaiu Engineer 2
Kaiu Engineer 3
Kaiu Engineer 4
Arrogant Young Engineer
Creepy Witch-Hunter
Furious Witch-Hunter
Scrying Witch-Hunter
Large Witch-Hunter
Kuni with a Puppy
Creepy Kuni Shugenja
Powerful Shugenja
Creepy Witch-Hunter Woman
Haunted Crab Girl
Sad Old Merchant, Toshiro’s Future
Untrustworthy Yasuki
Suave Merchant Courtier
Conniving Courtier
Yasuki Yakuza Boss


Cocky Duelist Woman
Courtier or Shugenja Woman
Old Air Kanji Shugenja
Attractive Shugenja Girl
Asahina Shugenja Woman
Badass Daidoji Samurai
Badass Daidoji Scout
Beautiful Crane Samurai-ko
Crane Iron Warrior
Bearded Iron Warrior
Crane Dancer
Samurai who has just killed a bunch of Unicorn
Crane Scout Girl
Happy Daidoji Woman
Tattooed Crane Scout
Determined Crane Messenger
Chilling Daidoji Samurai
Young Daidoji Samurai
Crane Magistrate, Deals with Mantis?
Older Crane Scout
Crane General
Bland Daidoji Samurai
Crane Magistrate… or Arson?
Calm Crane Duelist
Attractive Innocent Courtier
Musical Courtier Woman
Spirited Young Yojimbo Girl, Anti-Scorpon?
Lazy Crane Samurai
Wise Crane Magistrate
Androgynous Crane Duelist
Agitated Duelist Woman
Crane Duelist Woman
Feminine Crane with Discolored Eyes
Serious Crane Samurai
Ultimate Badass Crane Samurai
Confident Duelist
Crane Politician
Crane Poet
Older Crane Duelist
Dangerous and Beautiful Courtier
Crane Calligraphy Master
Young Duelist Girl
Beautiful Duelist Woman
Calm Crane Yojimbo
Perplexed Iron Crane
Regal Crane Daimyo
Demure Crane Courtier
Political Crane Courtier
The Crane Courtier who can outdrink the Hida Bushi
Dedicated Crane Yojimbo
Master Kenshinzen
Arrogant Douchebag Duelist
Sadfaced Crane Magistrate
Beautiful Crane Stateswoman
Pretty-boy Duelist
Aggressive Crane Magistrate
Friendly Crane Courtier
Crane Ikebana Artisan
Older Duelist Woman
Legendary Sculptor Woman, could be used for other Clans
Happy Crane Duelist
Very Happy Crane Man
Conniving Older Courtier
Cold Courtier or Shugenja Woman
Bird-Watching Crane Scout
Shugenja or Artisan Animal Trainer
Vigilant Crane Yojimbo
Standard Crane Duelist
Quiet Confidence Duelist Woman
Crane Prettyboy… is that blush?
Master Painter


Kitsuki Emerald Magistrate
I think this deer died from an arrow
Humorless Kitsuki Magistrate
Young Arrogant Bushi
Influential Kitsuki Magistrate
Intense Dragon Courtier
Spirited Dragon Samurai-ko
Douchy Dragon Samurai
Dragon Samurai-ko
Awesome Mirumoto Swordsman
Mirumoto Mountaineer Duelist
Gruff Dragon Samurai
Smug Dragon Swordsman
Dragon’s Flame Archer
Nice Hat
Troubled Dragon Duelist
Rage of the Dragon
Older Dragon Kensai
Flashy Dragon Pretty-Boy
Beautiful Dragon Kensai
Really Badass Old Swordsman
Volcano Kata
Masked Kensai Badass
Dragon Gatekeeper
Derp-Faced Samurai-ko
Dragon Cavalryman
Courageous Dragon Yojimbo
Alluring Dragon Samurai-ko
Aged Dragon Tactician
Skilled Dragon Duelist
Tetsuzo’s Oddball Father
Cruel Dragon Swordsman
Meditative Dragon Shugenja
Jolly Dragon Shugenja
Dragon Ishiken
Spiritual Dragon Shugenja
Fire Shugenja
Wild Dragon Alchemist
Dour Ise Zumi
Alternative Horse Raising
Mysterious Dragon Shugenja
Insane One-Eyed Shugenja
Villainous Ise Zumi
Dragon Ise Zumi
Some can Meditate Anywhere
Ise Zumi popular with the Ladies
Awesome Ise Zumi
Your Hand’s on Fire
Kung Fu Master
A Lion becoming Togashi
Togashi is a Tiger of a Man
Mystical Ise Zumi
Ancient Shriveled Monk
Too Busy Drooling to Summarize
Togashi Tai Chi
Dragon Summoning Dragon
Classic Ise Zumi
Fiery Ise Zumi
Fresh out of Gempukku


Large Lion Tactician
Lion Samurai
Cautious Lion Samurai
Paper Fans aren’t good at Defense
The Lion that wears Blue Armor
Brash Lion Samurai
Lion Iaijutsu Duelist?
Swag Lion Bushi
The Old General
Lion in the Snow
Manned Warrior
Large Lion Samurai
Wide Masked Tactician
Lion samurai and his ashigaru
Someone needs a Head-Bag
Stern Lion General
Very Ugly Lion Samurai
Samurai-ko and some dead Unicorn
Thick Lion Duelist
Brave Lion Samurai
Abrasive Lion Yojimbo
Honorable Lion Samurai
Lion Guard
Lion Horseman
Lion Standard Bearer
Young Lion Tactician
Badass Lion Samurai
Enraged Lion Tactician
Angry Lion Samurai
Inspiring Lion Tactician
Fierce Lion Samurai
Respected Elderly Samurai
Handsome Lion Scout
Lion Tiger-Slayer
Ikoma Scout
Older Lion Shugenja
Attractive Kitsu Shugenja
Kitsu Shugenja Woman
Lion Tactician Woman
Young Lion Girl
Healing Kitsu Woman
Kitsu Shugenja with Relic
Descending Deathseeker
Lion Line-Beard
Lion’s Pride
Lion Spear Hunter
Take a bite out of… Oni
Inspiring Beast Master
Lion Redhead
This Lion has seen some shit
Honorable Matsu Samurai-ko
Angry Lion Samurai-ko
Lion Death-Machine
Lion Samurai killing Shadowlands Creature
Scary War-Paint Samurai-ko
Badass Matsu Samurai-ko
Intimidating Lion Samurai
Agile Lioness
Excited to Kill Things
Lion Archer Samurai-ko
Very Angry Matsu
Screaming Mid-Riff Samurai-ko
Ferocious Deathseeker
Badass Masked Swordsman
Bloody Lion’s Pride
Matsu Likes killing Dragon
Lion Murderer


Running Fox Girl
Mantis Sculptor
Badass Kitsune Shugenja
Mantis Ship Captain
Kitsune Spirit Woman
Kitsune Shape-Shifter
Animal-Loving Kitsune
Moshi Shugenja in the Shadowlands
Elegant Moshi Shugenja
Ancient Sun Priestess
Mantis Mercenary
Determined Moshi Shugenja
Sea-faring Shugenja
Arrogant Mantis Shugenja
Relaxing Moshi Shugenja
Mysterious Mantis Courtier
Mantis Thunder Shugenja
Bad Hair Day
Strangely Dressed Shugenja
Badass Moshi Shugenja
Intense Thunder Shugenja
Orochi Riding Shugenja
Awesome Wasp Archer
Tsuruchi Pirate Archer
Tsuruchi Archer
Happy Tsuruchi Magistrate
Young Tsuruchi Magistrate
Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter
Experienced Wasp Archer
Beautiful Tsuruchi Archer 1
Beautiful Tsuruchi Archer 2
Beautiful Tsuruchi Archer 3
Tsuruchi Scout
Investigating Bounty Hunter
Mantis Horseman
Wasp Archer
Old Badass Tsuruchi
Stealthy Cave Hunter
Seductive Mantis Woman
Mantis Scout
Grizzled Mantis Captain
Older Mantis Magistrate
Experienced Mantis Bushi
Mantis Yojimbo
Mantis Duelist
Mantis Kabuki Pirate
Confident Mantis Bushi
Mantis Grappler
Charging Mantis Bushi
Mantis Kobune Captain
Strong Mantis Bushi
Massive Mantis Brawler
Hardened Old Sailor
Prominent Mantis Bushi
Ruthless Mantis Woman
Kama Wielding Bushi
Bored Mantis Merchant
Influential Yoritomo Courtier


Shugenja Light Show
Phoenix Earth Tensai
Commanding Storms
Intense Mystical Shugenja
Kami in a Jar
Mysterious Ishiken Girl
Odd Looking Phoenix Woman
Powerful Water Tensai
The world is his canvas
Concentrating Water Shugenja
Ascetic Water Shugenja
Meditation At Sea
Fire Tensai Woman
Vigilant Asako Inquisitor
Creepy Ishiken Woman
Cool Asako Henshin
Inquisition at the Cherry Blossom Grove
Henshin Acid Trip
Phoenix Maho-Tsukai
Phoenix Cultist Leader
Small Phoenix snared a Lion
Crying Phoenix Courtier
Powerful Earth Tensai
Isawa Avalanche Guard
Face-Painted Fire Tensai
Phoenix Ghost Whisperer
Powerful Fire Tensai
Young Void Acolyte
Elegant Phoenix Woman
Bayushi Ijiki Secret Love
Phoenix Hero of the People
Air or Void Acolyte
Acolyte of Air
Flying Fire Shugenja
Aggressive Fire Shugenja
Fist of Earth
Mad Fire Tensai
Older Isawa Shugenja
Fire Shugenja Duelist
Weaving the Elements
Calling Osano-Wo
Riding the Wind
Prayers to the Elements
Rock Phoenix
Phoenix Fire Duelist
No-Dachi Wielding Shiba
Bland Phoenix Woman
Reflective Yojimbo
Phoenix Kabuto Duelist
No-Nonsense Yojimbo
Concentrated Phoenix Archer
Stalwart Yojimbo
Rooftop Yojimbo
Protecting His Charge
Yari Expert
Young Yojimbo Old Shugenja
Cursed Fire Sword?


Badass Scorpion Nin… Acrobat
Deadly Scorpion Nin… Farmer?
Awesome Scorpion Grandpa
Bushi Psychopath
Dirty Scorpion Magistrate
Classic Scorpion Seductress
Angry Courtier
Scorpion Commander, Possible Crab-Ally
Scared Scorpion Bushi
Sneaky Courtier
Fearsome Bushi
Accusing Scorpion Duelist
Pissed Off Bushi, Crane-ally?
Ultimate Douchy Courtier
Strange Dress-Code
Martial Arts Scorpion
Evil-Looking Scorpion
Your Shuriken is showing…
Moon-Faced Bushi
Scorpion Monster
Scorpion Duelist Woman
Brash Scorpion Bushi
Intimidating Scorpion Samurai
Master Shinobi
Gay Scorpion… according Chris that is
Scorpion Pin-Up Girl
Armored Scorpion Shugenja
Mysterious Samurai-ko
Scorpion Serial-Killer
A Group of Scorpion, one scary sight
Elaborate Kabuto
Wise Older Scorpion
Scorpion Guardsman
Scorpion Cool Guy
Blend with the Shadows
Angry Fan Master
Brutal Scorpion Bushi
Badass Scorpion Shinobi
Mound of Skulls makes a good perch
Cool Scorpion Shugenja or Courtier
Scorpion Killer
Do not Blend, Become the Shadow
Classic Shinobi
Scorpion Assassin
Don’t let Scorpions around your important documents
‘Innocent’ Scorpion Courtier
Snow Ninja!
Shosuro Matt
Lounging Playa
Creepy Masked Killer
Scorpion Bushi or Shinobi
Straw Scorpion
Efficient Killer
Strange Tipsy Scorpion
Totally Not a Maho-Tsukai, Guys
Scorpion Swordsman
Phantom Yogo
Scorpion Courtier Woman
Burly Scorpion Shugenja
Evil Scorpion Daimyo
Scorpion Shugenja Woman
Scorpion Shugenja Woman 2
Mysterious Shugenja


Female Courtier
Older Emissary
Creepy Unicorn Shugenja
Young Iuchi Shugenja
Iuchi Battle Shugenja
Descending Shugenja
Whimsical Shugenja Girl
Iuchi Shugenja on a… boat?
Intense White Guard
Battle Maiden 1
Unicorn Magistrate
Unicorn Commander 1
Beautiful Samurai-ko
Angry Moto Warrior
Strange Death-Priestess, Maho-Tsukai?
Unicorn Commander 2
Gaijin Influenced Moto
Moto Shugenja Woman
Brave Young Unicorn
Iuchi Shugenja Woman
Dumb-Looking Unicorn
Shinjo Scout Girl
Shinjo Scout Girl 2
Brave Unicorn Samurai
Unicorn Strategist
Mounted-Archer Girl
Badass Unicorn Veteran
Battle Maiden 2
Scantily Clad Unicorn Woman
Mounted Archer 1
Flashy Unicorn
Mounted Archer 2
Battle Maiden 3
Confident Battle Maiden
Angry Battle Maiden
Cute Young Battle Maiden
Stoic Battle Maiden
Commander Battle Maiden
Battle Maiden 4
Battle Maiden 5
Battle Maiden 6
Battle Maiden 7
Sweet Battle Maiden
Badass Utaku Infantry 1
Badass Utaku Infantry 2
Utaku Horse Master
Noble Battle Maiden, Crane Born?
Battle Maiden 8
Cruel Battle Maiden, Hates Lion?
Battle Maiden 9
Battle Maiden 10
Battle Maiden 11

Possible Art

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