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Journey to First Investigation, Journey to Wedding, Wedding, Journey to Yashigi

This is the journal of Yasuki Toshiro. If you are reading this, then you have unfortunately broken my cipher and I hope you will return it to me in the Crab lands without reading any further.

Journey to the Topaz Championship
My feet hurt. All this walking is killing my feet. Wish I could ride on a horse. They were made for this kind of walking, not me. And note to self, if the Hiruma is ever sober, I can entice him with sake and get him to give me anything I want and he won’t know any better. Those ronin look like they could use some company, perhaps I’ll go pay them a visit…

Topaz Championship-Day 1
Apparently I suck. Sure, the Emperor loved my wrestling match, but neither of us won and then I lost his respect just because I didn’t want to get another bruise. And oooohh, that Crane will feel my wrath in a story. There is no reason to play dirty like that. On the plus side, I do see a pretty little Unicorn over there…

Topaz Championship-Day 2
I have learned three very important things today. The first is that I am not a very good hunter. Not only do I lack the ability to identify wild animals, but I am just as bad at running as I am at walking long distances. Secondly, I hate ronin bandits. I mean I REALLY hate ronin bandits. I don’t think I’m making it clear enough just how much I truely HATE them. I am not a bushi. Scars do not belong on this body. I bruise far too easily to have to fight with a katana. And thirdly, I continue to put my foot into my mouth with the pretty little Unicorn. I need to come up with a way to get her to like me before we leave here…

Journey to First Investigation
We traveled by boat and I am surprised I did not get sick. In fact, I enjoyed speaking with the crew and Kuai while drinking saki.

First Investigation
Maho=bad. Why do people still do it, especially the pretty girls? Investigation successful. I don’t want to write about it.

Journey to Wedding
It was a lovely trip to the wedding, especially after we caught up to some Unicorn going to the wedding. It turned out that Mayumi was there with her mother, older sister, and other Utaku. After eating dinner in a village, I professed my love to Mayumi after telling the fantastic story of how we met. Her sister, Hitomi, thought it was funny and that I had lots of competition. It looked like Naoki would be some competition, but he said that he has no interest in her, that they are only childhood friends.

The wedding was not a happy wedding, unless you liked duels to the death where the groom to be dies. But I’m getting ahead of myself. When we got to the city, Jishin and I spent many nights drinking sake with his cousin and the Utaku women. Kuai joined once, but he did not have time for such things and passed out after the first drink. The rest of us continued drinking for a long time several days. The patron got a great new name, “Sake-sama”, by Jishin, and he loved it so much he kept it and gave us some of his special stuff free. Jishin also taught me horsemanship and hunting to help me impress Mayumi for a Utaku hunting trip. And I got her a practical gift in hair pins. I also looked for a book on technology to help lure out those grey cloaked people but only got a page with a picture on it copied since the rest didn’t make any sense. After the hunting trip is when things got bad. There were fliers up about the dishonor of the bride to be and Jishin’s cousin took them all down. We found out that Jirou slept around with many women and was not even discreet about it. He was also behind the fliers. At the wedding party, I gave Arisu the dog I had trained so it can protect their children, but after Jirou insulted the Arisu’s Lion family, I told her that now she can at least have one loyal companion. I am rather proud of myself for that one. In the duel, Jishin killed Jirou quickly. Later, I found out that the Utaku family was not happy with my storytelling. They kept calling it “gossip” and “rumor mongering”, but that is when people lie, not be honest like I was. Besides, it would have looked bad on the Utaku that they would still support the wedding after all his actions, so I was actually doing them a favor. Unfortunately, Utaku Yumi-sama did not feel the same way and wanted me to commit seppuku. If not for the words of Hitomi and Soshi Noriko. Mayumi was very mad at me and did not understand me.

Journey to Yashigi
I apparently slept with the Scorpion woman I was to escort, though I don’t remember it, and her yojimbo threatened my life if I tell any stories that reflect on the Scorpion badly. All in all, not a fun trip. So of the four Scorpion I know, one saved my life, one is nearly a stranger still, being blackmailed by another, and threatened by another. I don’t know if I like the Scorpion. I can definitely see why they are villains in all the stories.


Yasuki Toshiro's Journal

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