Home-Brewed Rules

New Advantages

Omoeru Mura Citizen (3 Points): The people of Omoeru Mura have grown up in one of the most prominent commercial hubs of the Crane Clan and have experience in mercantile activities frowned upon by most samurai. You gain 1 Rank in the Commerce Skill and it is considered a School Skill for you. You may also purchase the Wealthy Advantage for 1 point less (this stacks with the 1 point less gained from being a member of the Crane Clan) but must still purchase at least 1 point in the advantage to gain this bonus.

New Disadvantages

Omoeru Mura Stigma (4 Points): The citizens of Omoeru Mura have a bad reputation amongst their fellow Crane of having mercantile dealings and conducting themselves in a way unbecoming of their Clan. They have also made a great deal of enemies among the Scorpion and Mantis who have representatives in the city. Your Honor Rank is lowered by 1 Full Rank and you suffer a penalty of -1k0 on all Social Skill Rolls made with members of the Crane, Scorpion, and Mantis Clans.

Home-Brewed Rules

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